Thursday, November 11, 2010

a winner and some travel

Blogger hated my photos yesterday, and this post really wouldn't have made much sense without them. Read this post as if it were Friday, because that's when I wrote everything. I am going to ask for a Mulligan with NaBloPoMo, and you'll get 2 posts Monday to make up for it! Deal? Deal.

Well, with only a few entries, I told the Stitcher’s

guild community and Facebook about it in the eleventh hour, and drew the winner this morning. My fancy, ultra-technichal way of making the choice?

Me: “pick a number between 1 and 3.

Daniel: “3. Why?”

Me: I need a winner.

At this point, I went back to studying Hebrew. After all, it WAS quiz day. So, since number – is it, congratulations, Leann! Email me at anachronismsarah at yahoo dot com with your address.

Onto today’s topic… travel. Packing. Have you ever noticed how well/poorly you’re able to pack for trips? I tend to be really bad at it, and there's a whole school of thought as to why. So I decided to post my madness and describe it as a method.

I’m gone to a regional assembly this weekend, so I had to pack last night. The first thing to think of… What all will we be doing?

  • Date on Friday
  • Up really early Saturday and going all day
  • possible night out Saturday?
  • Sunday up early for church or leisurely day…

Being prepared for the plethora of circumstances without taking up my whole car? Hmm… I start with a really simple thing first. Black or Brown?

If I can narrow this down, I take one set of shoes(dressy and casual) one belt, and one jacket. The next thing, because I’m 22 and it’s just my go-to is a denim skirt or pair of jeans.

Then tops for all of the possibilities. Athletic stuff doubles as pajamas with the addition of an extra tee, and a great dress for a date... Only you can't see the awesome ruffle.

Today(Friday) I'm thankful for autumn leaves... Because half of my afternoon drive is on a highway and not the interstate, I get to see them!

Today(Saturday) I'm really thankful for old friends. I renewed some connections at a statewide church function that were pretty amazing, and to be reminded that God is good, all the time and in everything. I attended some pretty awesome seminars and heard a great sermon. It was great to be surrounded by people I know, and even better to do it on SUCH a beautiful day! I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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