Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Necklace Number 2: Autumn-on-a-String

It's that time of year, and these colors are... everywhere! Including on your "lovely model". It was soooo tempting to put this one on for church on Sunday, and I am proud of myself for my ability to resist, even though it;s one of the few that's properly finished. There is a bit of a story there... Creativity struck and I responded before there was too much thought. And then I thought about closures, and didn't have any silver ones. Say it with me now: Aww. But it means a trip to Michaels, so YAY!
Back to Autumn-on-a-String: The beads were all together, and I hadn't played with the green ones or the gold ones, so it was a good oppurtunity to share. They really do have something special to them, and I feel as if the colors are very popular right now.

Just saying... You'll probably see them again.

Today, I am thankful for time away. I'm getting off-campus for a few hours this afternoon to go hang out with my godfather at the hair salon he owns. Wednesdays are kind of our day. I help out a bit around the salon, get my 'do sassed up if it's deemed necessary, and have a change of location for hw. It all works out! I'm leaving my computer at home and getting some serious work in on the homework front today!

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