Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sewlutions 2014

So y'all, 
I updated the queue. You know, that page that I've ignored for a solid... Too long to remember?
And I have posts for you. A few of them. Especially since Christmas was pretty handmade. And involved a quilt!

So here is the list from 2013. There will(WILL!) be some going back into the depths of the queue to edit and cull as well, and hopefully some more frequent posts. We shall see!

Winter 2013-2014
Corduroy blazer
Quilt for J.
Bag for Mama
Jewelry roll for KDB
Purple plaid kindle cover for my baby brother
Big brother backpack for a little cousin
Fancy dress for a feisty fancy girl(and her baby doll will need one too, of course.)
Slippers for dad

Fall 2013
Colette Juniper wearable muslin
Sewaholic Thurlow wearable muslin
Pleated yoke shirt in floral print
Colette Laurel? Eucalypt tank dress? Something.

Spring/Summer 2013
Red TNT skirt for baseball season
Red stole
Knit tees. With cute details.
Navy stripe mystery fabric skirt
Crazy floral pleated skirt
Border print pleated skirt
Bag for my BFF