Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, an awesome lady from work and I went to the inaugural meeting of the West Atlanta Modern Quilters Guild.  A good time was had by all, and my what a creative bunch of ladies!

What I loved about this crazy creative group of women was that there were an awesome variety: in ages, occupations, skill levels, styles, and personalities.  It's inspired me to get to sketching in a bit more detail for my first quilt, whose story is intimately entwined with my life.  Y'all, it's gonna be a heck of a first quilt... of indeterminate size and mostly made-up pattern.  It'll be crazy, and I can't wait.

But first! First.
The mug rug.  I'm gonna play wonky disappearing nine patch and see what happens.  Whatever happens, I SHALL have pictures!  But not today. Just a sketch today.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I am thinking that it’s closing in on time to talk about resolutions… I mean, the fervor of new years has passed, and it’s been a really good one so far, and my sewing mojo seems to be back in full force, and I have things to show as soon as I add buttons and hems and things.

And I have this stack of things that also just need buttons and hems and things.  Maybe a waistband and a lining here and there.  But really, there’s no reason for me not to encounter a closet re-vitalizing… not that I don’t have more than enough clothes.   But… you know, there ARE some old favorites would be good to have back in rotation.  And some dresses that would be great for church, or dancing, or both… It’s so exciting to think I could add all of these things to my wardrobe with little effort…

So why is it so hard to do it?

In the finishing of a top and a skirt, I am rarin’ to go on and sew more… Hopefully that’ll carry over to some more finished projects.  I'm gonna take a leaf out of Jenny's book and try to knock some of these things out.  

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hobbies, earn your keep!


Y'all, I hate it when you look at costs.

How much do our hobbies cost us?  Now, before you click away because you don't wanna think about it, wait a second... Because I don't wanna talk about money, or personal finances...

I want to talk about space.  I want to talk about time.  I want to talk about effort, and what the cost of THOSE is.  Because many of us stash... I know I am guilty, and I am certainly dreading getting that counter with yards in and out up to date.
I live in a small city apartment, and that means the cost of storage is high.  And, while sewing does not have to use up much room, I am woefully lacking in the discipline required to do the thing where you buy the things for one project, finish it, and move onto the next one with very little left over and carried over to store- maybe a few basic notions and a scraps bin.
On the other hand, I'd really much rather have 5 bins of fabric and one bin of Christmas decor... Inspiration doesn't mean adorning my home for me, although I certainly love having my home feel like one.

I want to love this gift of creativity.  I want to grow into it, and for things to take shape out of those bins of supplies...  And I want to talk about it.

Lovely readers, if you still exist, I want you to hold me to embarking on a renewed relationship with my hobbies.  I want to show you silly cell phone pictures of earrings, tell you the stories of my creation, and share with you this part of my life.