Saturday, December 24, 2016

Checking in: A year of stash-busting

I made a resolution that I would finish 3 things a month.  And then I did that thing I do where I disappeared for months at a time... Life took over, y'all.  There's a big stack of projects that are SO CLOSE to being done, and a smaller stack that only want a photo and a little note before they can be shared.  I have sewn.  Some quilty things, some mendy things... A couple of wearable muslins, and even a finished-up UFO.  Because y'all, sewing is one of those things that is necessary to a balanced life for me, and I am SO THANKFUL to the Stash-busting Sew-along for the encouragement to see that.
But I have not taken pictures because mending is blah, and quilting happens in spurts, and, to be honest, I wanted to spend more time this summer with my tomatoes right now than my camera.   I taught a block of the month for 6 months, but it's been on hiatus, so I have a quilt to shape up and share after that.

And hopefully, slowly, as I come up for air and make time for myself, recording these things will gain some more importance, and I will make the time to share some things here.  I think for me it might become more about telling the stories about the things.  See, in my day job, I get to tell stories, and people who know me will tell you I am a talker and a memory-maker and a story-teller, and I reply with phrases like 'guilty as charged'.  In the last year, I have gotten to slow down and embrace that side of myself, and I am seeing the benefits in my life and in my relationships... And I think, if I can get myself out of the garden and in front of the computer, they would show up here too.

2016 by the numbers:
More in than out, I'm afraid... I've been jotting purchased fabric down on little sheets, and when emptying the 30-gal bin(!) of fabric I bought this year, I kind of gave up on counting.

But things I made:
-Tiny Pocket Tank, times 3!
     -First wearable muslin was a wadder.
     -Then 2 successful ones! Green dottie fabric from the 70s and gingham.
-Moji pants, times 3!
     -First wearable muslin was a fail.
     -a white pair finished the week after labor day, and a red pair in November.
-Baby quilt, times 2!
     -quarter-log cabin that ended up looking like tetris blocks
     -scrappy trip around the world from old shirts for a cowboy-themed nursery
-Friend Quilt, times 1!
     -Charm squares for the win.  This one was a labor of love.

Now, off to photograph and blog about these things... Maybe some stories and catch-up posts soon.  And plans for the new year are coming at you too!