Thursday, May 15, 2014

Muslin: round 1

S Jon graduated and I house-sat and a million other things got in the way of sewing... Which, I know, I know, can't be an excuse for much longer but look!
The pretty! Straight grain lines! Bust points in the right places! A really great line in the shoulder piece I just kinda guessed on. Huzzah! But...

Yep.  That's a big ole gap in center back. When it wasn't a gap before. I have theories... Fluctuating weight is certainly a contribution, but so is the fact that the only "support" in this version comes in the bra I'm wearing. Which, before you ask, will be built in on the real dress. If not this one then one very much like it.  

I'm waiting on a gap in my schedule and a giant table to occur in roughly the same time frame so that I can make the muslin of the whole dress, adding a good inch to both sides of the center back seam. I'm thinking next week... And I get my schedule soon so then I will know with some certainty. 

Today marks 6 months to the wedding, and my goal is to hang this up, all finished, on or before 4 months from now. Ready set GO!