Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another refashion at bat

This skirt...oh, this skirt. I am thinking it may have a second chance in life as the bottom of a dress, but I don't know...
There are these great pockets, but the pleat thing is no good in its current state... I look a little too...rotund... in the skirt as it's pictured.
I have taken out the unflattering pleats... Part of me is thinking a double inverted pleat, or 2 kick pleats in the front. I am almost leaning toward more of a skirt option, and maybe coercing a vest into happening with the 12 inches that would come off the bottom of said skirt option in combination with another fabric, which would be included in details on the skirt too.
This is the way it is currently pinned to my dressform... 2 kickpleats that would release their fullness at the hip. It would take that fullness away from a place where it gives me a pooch. And with another piece, it could look really smart. I am a HUGE fan of herringbone, so this really is a treat.

It'll be a really cute piece for next winter or this never-ending rollercoaster that is KY weather... SIGH. Earlier in the weekend it was gorgeous and shirtsleeves. I was tempted to switch my wardrobe.
Tonight there is a chance of a rain/snow mix... MGRH.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


You know, sometimes I am just bad about posting, and others I am VERY preoccupied with some form of awesome. This week was a combination of factors, but I have progress to report... In pictures.

I drafted the pattern, then made it up in a cheap knit, not the real thing, which I am now very glad for. We made my muslin bleed with corrections, some of which I have already made. In the photo you can see the difference in the half that was corrected and the one that wasn't... kinds factored in too much ease all around so I took a giant chunk out of the middle and pinched in the sides by a good bit. It was very easy to draft with the help of a French curve, and I feel pretty confident about the idea of getting this down and then having a knit sloper of sorts for the other 2 dresses with similar cuts. For a first shot at drafting a knit pattern, I am pretty happy with it.

This sweater refashion has been patiently waiting its turn... It finally got some attention. I cut my edges to make the neckline better, and hemmed by hand in contrasting thread while hanging out backstage at a show. It was fun! And I have sleeve hems, loops and buttons left for sure, but the jury is out as to if I should add a ruffle. I think not, to maintain versatility, but what do YOU think?
The sleeves will still be becoming legwarmers... I really like the idea. It's just gonna be a time thing I think. But them again, what isn't?

Also accomplished, a refashion you will hear about later this week, a round of grocery shopping, closing out a great show, figuring out my classes for next year and a visit to the ER to check out my nose. I got kneed in the head during a quick-change, and my nose caught the brunt of it. I'm fine though! Sore, but fine. And very proud of the cast of this play. It was a great run.

Now off to read a chapter, 3 plays, write write write, and clean my room... I always clean my room when I avoid studying. But after a tech week of neglect, it is really in need of it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

drafting and dressforms

...Is harder than I thought, and I decided that if I had a complete set of REALLY good measurements, I could do it without a problem... However that is not the case. And you know, my dressform would match my body better too...

This is my dressform. I got her for free from someone who was about to give her to Salvation Army. He told me to take her. She is currently padded to roughly similar proportions(I can't get her hips to be big enough) thanks to 2 pairs of socks, an old bra, felt, and ace wraps. Having a model with boobs is extremely nice for draping. Not that I am bodacious by any stretch of the imagination...this girl and I fill out a bra the same way, but it's much more...effective, shall we say... with her smaller "ribcage". It's just good to know better where things will hit. The bra thing helps A LOT.
I have the top basis for the dresses I will be making to take with me on the trip, I have the fabrics, and now I just need the time and the skills.

Kay. I have little time and lots to do. Bye for now!

Monday, March 23, 2009

my version of a random number generator...

The following is a conversation I had on Facebook a few minutes ago with the first person to be up on my buddy list. Or whatever Facebook calls it.
pick a number between 1 and 12



scratch 7
use pi

ok so 3

has to be a whole number...

kay. Thanks.
Brandon what was it for?

the giveaway I did on my blog. You just picked the winner.




So there you have it. Your winners.
And a teaser. I hope to cut out/finish drafting the first Turkey dress... I have padded my dressform so we are the same shape now... Meaning I can more effectively drape the bottom half and the bust...
Oh, and in the near future, I am buying... A PLANE TICKET! To ISTANBUL!
And finally my parting shot... A glance of SPRING! My favorite trees on campus are a big pair of trees I have heard called June Magnolias that reside in front of one of the academic buildings. They are SOOO pretty!

Friday, March 20, 2009

this weekend...

... I am gleefully outta pocket! I am taking off for the wilds and a cabin with my youth today at 5:oo. When I get back, I'll be drawing a name for my first-ever giveaway! I really didn't know what kind of response to expect, so it's been pretty cool to hear from you all about this. I know it kinda sucks that you can't see what you are getting, but all the same, thanks for dropping by.

Parting shot: Last year I went to Cumberland Falls for the same kind of Spiritual retreat with a different group... It was SO good to get away from the world a little, to back up and really think about where I am in life and where God wants for me to go. To be a little farther from the world, a little closer to God in God's creation.

We went on a hike to see great views of Cuberland Falls and the lake, and this was a side trip on the tail end of the hike to a smaller waterfall along our route, but it was just as pretty in its own way. And we got to climb up and play on the rocks, so it was fun too!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

rainy days...and giveaways!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my 100th blog post!

I guess I have come quite a way in the...oh...4 months I have been blogging... going from not knowing what to do about a lot of this, to taking it off. And I have to say, to those who read and comment and think of me as part of a sisterhood, many times y'all keep me typing away, because I know it's not to nobody. Every comment has meant tons, your words of encouragement or criticisms have helped me immensely!

So here's to you, and here's for you!

I know I have a long way to go, and my very first giveaway of my very own is one of those milestones! I am giving away handmade jewelry! One person will get a necklace and bracelet set, and one will receive a necklace. You may find other goodies in the prize, we will have to see! Small start, but these necklaces are a combination of glass beads, glass pearls, and cultured pearls. I know the winners will look lovely in them!

Kay, so here's the deal:
Anyone can enter.
One entry for commenting, that's it though.
Tell your friends!

Thanks for everything guys!

Another new thing... I am following in some footsteps and including a parting shot. For my first one, I am posting a picture of my sorority sisters right after they won Campus Sing last year! We screamed ourselves hoarse and were so happy for it to turn out as great as it did! They all had fun dancing, and we set a record for donations collected, collecting enough cans and money to make a grand total of 10,001 cans. It was amazing, and I can't help but be proud of the girls who danced, and of all of us for helping others to the tune of 10,000 cans of food!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I am a terrible blogger... Sorry guys. I know this would be MUCH more interesting if there were pictures... BUT my camera is dead and I lost the charger. I am getting a new one as a stopgap measure, but there's somethng telling me to upgrade before my trip. I just don't know if it is responsible to listen!

Sooo here's my near-future-planning-for-Turkey-wardrobe-centric sewing:

-Dotted Swiss dress in Pink- will be worn for Easter too!
-pink/white stripe top, possibly dress
...but before I do those, I have to grade up the pattern.
-skirt of cafe-au-lait pleated wonderfullness with pockets
-swishy full skirt of printed floral lightweight stuff
... But before I do those I need to prewash.
-chocolate brown dress with waist ties and buttons
-ivory sleeveless dress with defined waistband
...But before I do these I need to prewash, reconcile necklines, and drape/draft
...oh, and learn to use a serger for stretch knits. Any hints/tips/places to learn for cheap/free?

There's more, but I think that's the immediate goals. I have worn skirts and flipflops for 2 days running without tights, and feel the need for dresses. One of my main complaints with rtw dresses targeted at my age-group is they are all...so...SHORT. I am NOT a fan of that! Especially not for a trip to Turkey, a predominantly Muslim country.

My grandmother has a mitral valve replacement tomorrow, so if you pray and don't mind, keep my family in your prayers!

On another, very fun note, my next post will be my 100th. And as a celebratory wonderfullness, I will be hosting a giveaway...my first! I will be giving a way a handmade bracelet and necklace set, and a handmade naecklace! These will be beaded, and regrettably I can't offer pictures, but I am really excited. Tell your friends and expect a post by Friday.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Plans... not so much.

Meet the beginnings of Dawn. Dawn will be worn to my formal in April, and will be based on the Vogue pattern I showed you 2 or 3 posts ago... She's gonna be gorgeous. This is Fortuni silk and the slubs run across the grain and not with it. I am altering that pattern, not just for fit, but for line too.It's just draped on the dressform to show off prettiness, I don't think it'll look anything like that... It'll be QUITE a change from Sunset, and I think the opposing time of day is appropriate.

Upon my arrival home, I had big plans to blog every day, and make 2 whole dresses that will go to Istanbul with me. Lots of the wardrobe is now in sketches. Y'all will get peeks as they get paired with fabrics. And in lieu of of posting pics of those dresses on your sunburned model, I give you pictures of yummy silk.

Needless to say, it didn't happen that way. The saying "We make plans and God laughs" is appropriate. The day I got home, my maternal grandmother went into the hospital, and there have since been some complications that have kept her that way. She has been getting better, but it means my sewing hasn't gotten done.

I HAVE graded up the tea top pattern and begun making the switch to a dress, and I've started the pattern for the other dress as well, but nothing has been completed. And Dawn will be in full swing when I get back to school. But we'll see some cool stuff by Easter!

Home Saturday, so more then.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tomtom will get a run for her money.

I am visiting my "aunt" in Jacksonville, FLA today and tomorrow... I got here last night, and chuckled when I saw the time and thought about the fact that I have been in 4 states in the past 36 hours. KY, TN, GA, and FL.

According to Google Maps:
714 miles...11 hours, 5 minutes.

From Lex to Atlanta, Google says 5 hours 52 minutes. Sarah says 5 hours and 15 minutes.
From Atlanta to home, Google says 3 hours. Sarah goes the wrong way in one part of town and drives through the city on surface streets and not 75, and she stops south of Atlanta to go buy shoes at the outlet mall so she says 4 and a half hours.
From home to Jax, Google says 2 and a half hours, and Sarah says closer to 2.

More sewing when I get home. I am hoping to draft/sew 2 dresses and finish the PJ pants... But there will be a trip to the beach first! I am going to take a walk by the water and buy some saltwater taffy and maybe something touristy, and soak up some sun. Ta ta!

Friday, March 6, 2009


I interrupt the pajama progress to report...

I got in to the Istanbul program!!!!!!

I don't know that I have really stopped doing a happy dance since I found out.

And on top of that, I am done with classes for 9 whole days.... Yes... Spring break means sewing time! Pictures, surely.

I conquered the PJ pants

...Well, not yet, but I did manage to get them in the same building as my camera. This was no small feat, since I sew in one place and live in another... And ironically enough, the recipient came over last night, and they were out, so I got to put them on him and check out the fruits of my labor!

Now let's all look at this picture. This picture shows 5 techniques...
-Alteration to a pattern. I took off about 4 inches from the top to get rid of a casing allowance and make them sit where boys wear their pants. I eliminated pockets. I added a fly. Which is a nice segue into number 2.
-The fly. Unbeknownst to me, I did it backwards. Yup. And birthday boy found out for me when he put them on. Go me. But you know what? I did it. And I did a buttonhole, after much yelling at the machine, by just using a tight tight zigzag/satin stitch.
-The Rotary cutter. Now, I don't know if I have made my feelings clear on the issue, but I am a pins-and scissors kind of girl. I don't do a tracing wheel, and I think of rotary cutters as a plague... they mean more work, and I just don't like them...
well, that was me a week ago. Now I see their use for some things... And one with a good blade in it is SO nice. Especially if you have a big mat like the one in the shop. And the tracing wheel? Great if you are changing a pattern.
-Flat-Fell Seams. I gave myself a refresher course.
-French seams. Same thing, needed the practice.
So pajama pants are practice pants. Now I am going to go take 4 inches out of them and make them less huge, as per the request of the recipient.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

almost a pair of PJ pants...


And I can show you the progress....
This is the upside to being 20 in Blogland. I can say with complete and utter certainty the recipient of these pants does not read my blog, and thus, I have no concern about ruining his birthday surprise.... Well, I don't know of many 'hes' who would read a blog predominantly about sewing in the first place, but you get my drift. Zach's bubble won't be burst if I post a picture.

This is my first-ever attempt at a fly-front anything... And I drafted it myself. Which, in short, means it's roughly the right size, but the layers have made it a little stiff, and there are some very wonky bits. I've been told by another guy friend that he won't notice, but still... I don't think I should have used the lightweight interfacing I did... Probably not my brightest idea. Now for my trusty seam ripper. I'm going to remove the interfacing and press the heck out of everythingso I don't have any funny stuff in the crotch seam.

My flat-fell seams have been put to good use for the inner legs, and I have one French seam done on one outer leg. Why such fancy-shmancy seams on PJs, you ask? Practice, I answer. No better way to practice.

I'm hoping to finish these today, but before then a big paper and a little one need my attention, as does the gym and dance class.

Pictures later!

Some Shameless promoting of Greek Life/Greek Philanthropy:
I know that many people get a very "Animal House" picture of what fraternity/sorority life is like. That image is very different from what it means to be a Fraternity man, or a Sorority woman. I'm not sure I can say "Frat boys" and "sorority girls" don't exist, but I can tell you it is not what the founders of these organizations intended to happen. We are very centered on community service in my chapter, and the reason I joined a sorority is because of that community service.
My sorority has started practice for a campus tradition, Campus Sing. It's a lot like Greek Sing at bigger universities, but a large component of campus sing is donating cans to the local food bank. Last year our chapter set a record for most cans donated with 10,001 canned items. This year is my first year dancing, and third year raising cans. If you'd like to know more or donate, feel free to drop me a line at anachronismsarah@yahoo.com

Sunday, March 1, 2009

oh what a weekend.

-alter the pattern for the birthday PJ pants to include facings and a fly and the elasticy thingy. I'll take pictures
Did begin to happen... Dropped the waist to make them sit at 21-year-old "waist" instead of at a waist. Will be doing the fly thing hopefully tomorrow. -make a wearable muslin of the Afternoon Tea Top that I will be turning into a dress in the near future, by which I mean pre-Easter. The pink dotted Swiss is destined for an Easter dress, then for Turkey!
Nope. Will be prewashing a load of fabric tomorrow... Thought about it though! Didn't even think about it. Looked at it once, maybe... -Finish sketching for the Istanbul wardrobe
Didn't even think about it. Looked at it once, maybe... So far from my mind. Not enough hours in the day!
-look at the pattern for the next evening gown/special project more closely... I'm using the pattern, but not completely. I'll intro that soonish.
So far from my mind. Not enough hours in the day! Since I didn't, here's a thought about it now...
Ladies, I present you with a pattern. The basis of the next dress, and a name. Dawn. Dawn what, I don't know. But dawn all the same.

Things I had to do are still getting done.. The paper has a ROUGH shell, the set is struck, the lock-in was a blast, and the seminary visit will more than likely occur on Friday the 13th. Dun dun dun...

On a happy happy note, Post number 100 is coming up! Stay tuned. It might involve something special.