Tuesday, March 3, 2009

almost a pair of PJ pants...


And I can show you the progress....
This is the upside to being 20 in Blogland. I can say with complete and utter certainty the recipient of these pants does not read my blog, and thus, I have no concern about ruining his birthday surprise.... Well, I don't know of many 'hes' who would read a blog predominantly about sewing in the first place, but you get my drift. Zach's bubble won't be burst if I post a picture.

This is my first-ever attempt at a fly-front anything... And I drafted it myself. Which, in short, means it's roughly the right size, but the layers have made it a little stiff, and there are some very wonky bits. I've been told by another guy friend that he won't notice, but still... I don't think I should have used the lightweight interfacing I did... Probably not my brightest idea. Now for my trusty seam ripper. I'm going to remove the interfacing and press the heck out of everythingso I don't have any funny stuff in the crotch seam.

My flat-fell seams have been put to good use for the inner legs, and I have one French seam done on one outer leg. Why such fancy-shmancy seams on PJs, you ask? Practice, I answer. No better way to practice.

I'm hoping to finish these today, but before then a big paper and a little one need my attention, as does the gym and dance class.

Pictures later!

Some Shameless promoting of Greek Life/Greek Philanthropy:
I know that many people get a very "Animal House" picture of what fraternity/sorority life is like. That image is very different from what it means to be a Fraternity man, or a Sorority woman. I'm not sure I can say "Frat boys" and "sorority girls" don't exist, but I can tell you it is not what the founders of these organizations intended to happen. We are very centered on community service in my chapter, and the reason I joined a sorority is because of that community service.
My sorority has started practice for a campus tradition, Campus Sing. It's a lot like Greek Sing at bigger universities, but a large component of campus sing is donating cans to the local food bank. Last year our chapter set a record for most cans donated with 10,001 canned items. This year is my first year dancing, and third year raising cans. If you'd like to know more or donate, feel free to drop me a line at anachronismsarah@yahoo.com

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