Thursday, March 12, 2009

Plans... not so much.

Meet the beginnings of Dawn. Dawn will be worn to my formal in April, and will be based on the Vogue pattern I showed you 2 or 3 posts ago... She's gonna be gorgeous. This is Fortuni silk and the slubs run across the grain and not with it. I am altering that pattern, not just for fit, but for line too.It's just draped on the dressform to show off prettiness, I don't think it'll look anything like that... It'll be QUITE a change from Sunset, and I think the opposing time of day is appropriate.

Upon my arrival home, I had big plans to blog every day, and make 2 whole dresses that will go to Istanbul with me. Lots of the wardrobe is now in sketches. Y'all will get peeks as they get paired with fabrics. And in lieu of of posting pics of those dresses on your sunburned model, I give you pictures of yummy silk.

Needless to say, it didn't happen that way. The saying "We make plans and God laughs" is appropriate. The day I got home, my maternal grandmother went into the hospital, and there have since been some complications that have kept her that way. She has been getting better, but it means my sewing hasn't gotten done.

I HAVE graded up the tea top pattern and begun making the switch to a dress, and I've started the pattern for the other dress as well, but nothing has been completed. And Dawn will be in full swing when I get back to school. But we'll see some cool stuff by Easter!

Home Saturday, so more then.

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