Friday, March 6, 2009

I conquered the PJ pants

...Well, not yet, but I did manage to get them in the same building as my camera. This was no small feat, since I sew in one place and live in another... And ironically enough, the recipient came over last night, and they were out, so I got to put them on him and check out the fruits of my labor!

Now let's all look at this picture. This picture shows 5 techniques...
-Alteration to a pattern. I took off about 4 inches from the top to get rid of a casing allowance and make them sit where boys wear their pants. I eliminated pockets. I added a fly. Which is a nice segue into number 2.
-The fly. Unbeknownst to me, I did it backwards. Yup. And birthday boy found out for me when he put them on. Go me. But you know what? I did it. And I did a buttonhole, after much yelling at the machine, by just using a tight tight zigzag/satin stitch.
-The Rotary cutter. Now, I don't know if I have made my feelings clear on the issue, but I am a pins-and scissors kind of girl. I don't do a tracing wheel, and I think of rotary cutters as a plague... they mean more work, and I just don't like them...
well, that was me a week ago. Now I see their use for some things... And one with a good blade in it is SO nice. Especially if you have a big mat like the one in the shop. And the tracing wheel? Great if you are changing a pattern.
-Flat-Fell Seams. I gave myself a refresher course.
-French seams. Same thing, needed the practice.
So pajama pants are practice pants. Now I am going to go take 4 inches out of them and make them less huge, as per the request of the recipient.

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  1. Welcome to the rotary cutter club. I'd never tried one until about 6 weeks ago. I broke down and bought one for the pinking ability. And fell. Fell HARD. I now have 4: pinking 45mm, Straight 45mm, Straight 45 with a guide for seam allowances and a 28 mm. The time spent in cutting is so much less and I'm much more accurate. But my DH is not allowed in the room with me when I use it. He cuts himself a lot.


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