Wednesday, March 25, 2009

drafting and dressforms

...Is harder than I thought, and I decided that if I had a complete set of REALLY good measurements, I could do it without a problem... However that is not the case. And you know, my dressform would match my body better too...

This is my dressform. I got her for free from someone who was about to give her to Salvation Army. He told me to take her. She is currently padded to roughly similar proportions(I can't get her hips to be big enough) thanks to 2 pairs of socks, an old bra, felt, and ace wraps. Having a model with boobs is extremely nice for draping. Not that I am bodacious by any stretch of the imagination...this girl and I fill out a bra the same way, but it's much more...effective, shall we say... with her smaller "ribcage". It's just good to know better where things will hit. The bra thing helps A LOT.
I have the top basis for the dresses I will be making to take with me on the trip, I have the fabrics, and now I just need the time and the skills.

Kay. I have little time and lots to do. Bye for now!


  1. I've tried using a regular bra of mine to put on the dressform. But it won't stay put. I don't know if I have to fill it with something in order to give it some weight so it'll stay. Not sure there.

    Anywho, yours look good. Sew away!


  2. I never thought of putting a bra on my dress form, she has never really helped me too much with drafting patterns, but maybe with the bra it would work better.


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