Friday, March 20, 2009

this weekend...

... I am gleefully outta pocket! I am taking off for the wilds and a cabin with my youth today at 5:oo. When I get back, I'll be drawing a name for my first-ever giveaway! I really didn't know what kind of response to expect, so it's been pretty cool to hear from you all about this. I know it kinda sucks that you can't see what you are getting, but all the same, thanks for dropping by.

Parting shot: Last year I went to Cumberland Falls for the same kind of Spiritual retreat with a different group... It was SO good to get away from the world a little, to back up and really think about where I am in life and where God wants for me to go. To be a little farther from the world, a little closer to God in God's creation.

We went on a hike to see great views of Cuberland Falls and the lake, and this was a side trip on the tail end of the hike to a smaller waterfall along our route, but it was just as pretty in its own way. And we got to climb up and play on the rocks, so it was fun too!

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