Sunday, March 29, 2009


You know, sometimes I am just bad about posting, and others I am VERY preoccupied with some form of awesome. This week was a combination of factors, but I have progress to report... In pictures.

I drafted the pattern, then made it up in a cheap knit, not the real thing, which I am now very glad for. We made my muslin bleed with corrections, some of which I have already made. In the photo you can see the difference in the half that was corrected and the one that wasn't... kinds factored in too much ease all around so I took a giant chunk out of the middle and pinched in the sides by a good bit. It was very easy to draft with the help of a French curve, and I feel pretty confident about the idea of getting this down and then having a knit sloper of sorts for the other 2 dresses with similar cuts. For a first shot at drafting a knit pattern, I am pretty happy with it.

This sweater refashion has been patiently waiting its turn... It finally got some attention. I cut my edges to make the neckline better, and hemmed by hand in contrasting thread while hanging out backstage at a show. It was fun! And I have sleeve hems, loops and buttons left for sure, but the jury is out as to if I should add a ruffle. I think not, to maintain versatility, but what do YOU think?
The sleeves will still be becoming legwarmers... I really like the idea. It's just gonna be a time thing I think. But them again, what isn't?

Also accomplished, a refashion you will hear about later this week, a round of grocery shopping, closing out a great show, figuring out my classes for next year and a visit to the ER to check out my nose. I got kneed in the head during a quick-change, and my nose caught the brunt of it. I'm fine though! Sore, but fine. And very proud of the cast of this play. It was a great run.

Now off to read a chapter, 3 plays, write write write, and clean my room... I always clean my room when I avoid studying. But after a tech week of neglect, it is really in need of it.

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  1. Kudos to you for drafting, I haven't gotten to that quite yet. As for the sweater I say leave it as is. I think if it were longer you could add a peplum. But to me the way it is it looks pretty, I'd rock it. lol

    I hope your nose is ok. That's such a sensitive area. I had a broken nose for years and didn't know about it. Until I went to the ENT for a deviated septum and he told me. I hope you don't have that problem.



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