Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another refashion at bat

This skirt...oh, this skirt. I am thinking it may have a second chance in life as the bottom of a dress, but I don't know...
There are these great pockets, but the pleat thing is no good in its current state... I look a little too...rotund... in the skirt as it's pictured.
I have taken out the unflattering pleats... Part of me is thinking a double inverted pleat, or 2 kick pleats in the front. I am almost leaning toward more of a skirt option, and maybe coercing a vest into happening with the 12 inches that would come off the bottom of said skirt option in combination with another fabric, which would be included in details on the skirt too.
This is the way it is currently pinned to my dressform... 2 kickpleats that would release their fullness at the hip. It would take that fullness away from a place where it gives me a pooch. And with another piece, it could look really smart. I am a HUGE fan of herringbone, so this really is a treat.

It'll be a really cute piece for next winter or this never-ending rollercoaster that is KY weather... SIGH. Earlier in the weekend it was gorgeous and shirtsleeves. I was tempted to switch my wardrobe.
Tonight there is a chance of a rain/snow mix... MGRH.

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  1. I like it with the two inverted pleats. And I love the idea of matching vest...


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