Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I am a terrible blogger... Sorry guys. I know this would be MUCH more interesting if there were pictures... BUT my camera is dead and I lost the charger. I am getting a new one as a stopgap measure, but there's somethng telling me to upgrade before my trip. I just don't know if it is responsible to listen!

Sooo here's my near-future-planning-for-Turkey-wardrobe-centric sewing:

-Dotted Swiss dress in Pink- will be worn for Easter too!
-pink/white stripe top, possibly dress
...but before I do those, I have to grade up the pattern.
-skirt of cafe-au-lait pleated wonderfullness with pockets
-swishy full skirt of printed floral lightweight stuff
... But before I do those I need to prewash.
-chocolate brown dress with waist ties and buttons
-ivory sleeveless dress with defined waistband
...But before I do these I need to prewash, reconcile necklines, and drape/draft
...oh, and learn to use a serger for stretch knits. Any hints/tips/places to learn for cheap/free?

There's more, but I think that's the immediate goals. I have worn skirts and flipflops for 2 days running without tights, and feel the need for dresses. One of my main complaints with rtw dresses targeted at my age-group is they are I am NOT a fan of that! Especially not for a trip to Turkey, a predominantly Muslim country.

My grandmother has a mitral valve replacement tomorrow, so if you pray and don't mind, keep my family in your prayers!

On another, very fun note, my next post will be my 100th. And as a celebratory wonderfullness, I will be hosting a first! I will be giving a way a handmade bracelet and necklace set, and a handmade naecklace! These will be beaded, and regrettably I can't offer pictures, but I am really excited. Tell your friends and expect a post by Friday.

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