Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesdays: A confession

I confess, as I have in the past...
I bought things.
Not thrifted, bought.
Not as spectacular as when I bought things in Turkey...
But Gap and Old Navy this time.

You see friends, I have not conquered pants.
And it's waaay easier to go with what you know works sometimes. And so, a pair of khakis, pictured, from Old Navy(25% off) and a pair of jeans from the Gap(40% off) now call my wardrobe home...

...Oh, there were tops, too.
2 knit tees I could easily have made, but so much more easily picked up at 70% off.
1 knit top that will be a pattern for a refashion, pictured top left (Finish-it Friday is returning, friends!)
1 woven top that will beget lots of shells for church, pictured in the middle... Just had to get the sample, and it was on sale too!
1 cardigan that I have eyed for a loooong time, bottom left, now sold out...
and 1 great vee-neck sweater(at half off) whose softness reminded me of boyfriend sweaters and whose shape was a nice little hybrid, and the color? A beautiful green that pops for this redhead.
Oh... Sorry I couldn't stalk the internet for pictures of everything for y'all. has something against showing wardrobe staples, apparently.

Something I am learning to be okay with is where I am right now in a lot of ways, including what and how much I sew. I sew because it brings me joy. I could sew everything I wear, but then I'd stress so much over holes in my skills and failures that I wouldn't get the joy anymore. So sewing the things I can, when I can, is how it is for now, and I really am okay with that, even if it means less to write about here... I will, however, continue to try to fill my wardrobe with good things I make, I'm just not good enough to make them all, and that's okay with me.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the start of something pretty nice. I'll be tracking my journey in forming that wardrobe- the one I like with things I make that fit my lifestyle- on Wardrobe Wednesdays. It'll be my journey toward a cohesive kind of style, and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you all!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I want to make this skirt.

This, friends, is the Lunch Date Skirt from Spotted Moth.
If you haven't looked around this website, you should. It's dreamy, wonderful sewing eye-candy and man-oh-man, what fun.
... and I have an idea of how to make this cute little skirt, but time? HA!
I have made an epic fail of getting summer sewing done. Life just... gets in the way.

Really, Greek just gets in the way.

For my sanity's sake, Finish-It Fridays may make a glorious return...Heaven knows the refashions awaiting are plentiful... But until I conquer Greek, it's anybody's guess...

How do y'all do it?
How do you balance sewing with life?
Anybody wanna make some curtains and slipcovers for me?