Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I want to make this skirt.

This, friends, is the Lunch Date Skirt from Spotted Moth.
If you haven't looked around this website, you should. It's dreamy, wonderful sewing eye-candy and man-oh-man, what fun.
... and I have an idea of how to make this cute little skirt, but time? HA!
I have made an epic fail of getting summer sewing done. Life just... gets in the way.

Really, Greek just gets in the way.

For my sanity's sake, Finish-It Fridays may make a glorious return...Heaven knows the refashions awaiting are plentiful... But until I conquer Greek, it's anybody's guess...

How do y'all do it?
How do you balance sewing with life?
Anybody wanna make some curtains and slipcovers for me?

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