Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ugh. Home dec sewing...

Ah yes...
That most dreaded, but necessary chore, doing any form of sewing for the home. I am not looking forward to lots of squares and rectangles, but they're coming...
-at least 3 pillow shams, if not 5 or 7(living and bedroom)
-curtains, maybe
-covers for nightstands

Fun times, but SO glad to have a big girl apartment to sew for!


  1. Haha, my least favorite, too, but I've been doing some lately and don't mind so much since my home is looking nicer. :-)

  2. I kind of like Home Dec sewing. It always fits, it goes fast, you get to use fabrics and colors you wouldn't normally use in clothes, you get to look at it everyday, you can have custom items instead of Target specials, you can play around with the different stitches on your machines, and mash the pedal down and sew like the wind. All good things.
    Enjoy your new big girl apartment and enjoy decorating it.


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