Friday, October 14, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesdays: Overlap

I had to do a closet switch, FINALLY.  
This is a great thing, friends... Fall temperatures have necessitated the pulling out of sweaters and jackets  and made vests feel appropriate once more... Have I shared how much I love vests?  I do, I really do...
But we'll talk about that later.  Let's go back to categories.
As I was thinking about my categories, I felt the need to show you guys how much they overlap.  So, I put some work into a chart this week.  And then realized the chart didn't do justice to how much overlap really happens, so we're a day late because I took some extra time.  Next week will be about versatility basics too, but there's the diagram... 
The overlap is important.  There are things that I wear to class and on the weekend, like jeans, and very rarely sweats.  There are things on the other end of the spectrum I wear to class that I wear to church and to work.  
There are things I will wear like it's nobody's business.  Seriously.  Most often these are dancing things and fun sun-dresses, and man oh man do I love em.  But... That's me.  
I think everyone could do these kinds of diagrams, and I think overlap happens.  Overlap is the product of well-made pieces and a cohesive wardrobe.  Pat yourself on the back for it.

Categories will be back next week with some more on overlap and list time.  This post is too late already!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall and Projects

When real life hits, escaping to the land of ribbon and lace and fabric, glorious fabric, will often make everything better.
Well, I'm counting on it.  Reality bites every so often, and now is one of those times.  So, to keep my sanity and update my fall wardrobe, I'll be sewing along with a 6-piece wardrobe!
They have top and bottom suggestions, but I see some dresses happening in addition to some staples.

I've updated the queue.

The projects, in order of "appearance":
swirly 10-gore (maybe partial circle or kickpleats instead) skirt in brown floaty rayon from stash... possibly with the bow from the Lunch Date skirt I want to make.  
herringbone vest from stash
herringbone pencil skirt from stash
denim half-sleeve jacket from stash that I started last year and apparently didn't blog about
red swishy dress from stash
green knit top from stash

Notice a common thread? 
Yup.  I'm on a fabric diet.  It's time to use what I have and finish up old things too... It's all this crazy organizing.  I want to be a good steward of what I have, and that means using it, not it sitting on a shelf.  Plans from old SWAPS are turning into this cluster of things I will wear.  Yay!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday: Categories!

The Academic Wardrobe is providing the food for today’s thought.  In planning a wardrobe, you have to plan for YOUR life… and what that looks like.  So, the idea of what composes the perfect list of basics and the perfect number of things you should have off of that list of basics should get based on how you live your life.  Here are my categories and some things:
-Class/weekend (4-5 days/week in class)
-Dance/going out (dance at least once a week, going out twice a month)
-Work/Church (3 days/week)
-Gym (ideally, 3 days/week)
      Running/general workout
-Dress-up Day
      Interview/funeral/preaching clothes
-Dress-up Night (maybe once or twice a semester)
      Cocktail hour, weddings, evening-wear
      Rain, cold, etc.
-top drawer
      Undies, jammies, etc.

Now, how many of what go into each of these categories? How do you decide?
Consider your habits… How often are you doing these things?  I put my usual schedule in parentheses. How much space do you have to donate? How often do you like to do laundry? You want to make sure you have enough clothes to get you between laundry days. Bottoms can be re-worn sometimes, tops less often.  Enough to mix it up is nice, but not so much that you don’t wear things… And this is where you really have to determine YOUR perfect amount, in the words of the unclutterer.

Okay.  Now, this is the part where I leave it right here and go achieve this step in my own wardrobe.  I'd love to know if these are steps any of you are taking in your own wardrobes, or which systems and categories you have.  

Happy day, friends!