Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jessica is coming along...

I have a date.

I have the hairstyle CLOSE to figured out after a practice run last night.

I have the shoes.

I have the makeup, false eyelashes, purple mascara and all.

As for the dress....
The bodice is the only thing being lined, and is only lined to add support and a place for ...extra "support". I basted that lining together while a friend was working on "trial hair" and then put it on to check fit, realizing how much I have learned in the course of the past few years. The dress is being based on one I made my Freshman year. I didn't line it at all, and though I have gained enough weight and muscle to add inches just about everywhere, the dress was a bit too big.
It's a teaching moment to be sure: I have definately learned how far I have come. I wouldn't even have thought to try to do a fit of the lining this time 3 years ago... and I do now largely because of the awesome theatre work and close fittings I have done there.

I am pretty proud of myself... now let's just wait for pictures of the awesomeness.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some Sewing!

...Not done yet. But for Halloween...

I am making a red dress....

I found the shoes last night at Marshall's... Well I found A shoe. This lovely faux-snakeskin-5"ish metallic sandally heel. For the life of me, I couldn't find the other shoe... And of course, it was the only one.
Then, at closing time, I got a call that said they found the mate! So I have shoes. They are red with one of those awful stacked heel, so I will be sanding the bases down and painting them shiny fire engine red.
For 7 dollars and a bit of work, I have shoes. Can we say exciting?

I'm using the extra fabric from Sunset (there is about 3 yards) for the dress, and then I'm set once I find purple gloves.

I am also doing a bunch of sewing associated with Rosenrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. It's been fun to be back in the costume shop, and we have boys down there right now who are learning. It makes my heart happy!

And after Jessica Rabbit, there will be a little bit of craziness getting R&G up, and then onto my gold dress for sorority formal! I might be able to work a bit of everyday wear for the winter in as well, but I HAVE been buying things. It's putting my refashioning side to shame, but at the same time, there is much going on in my life. So I need the time.

Hope all is well! Sorry for long absences.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Absentee blogging


I cannot believe life got so crazy- But you know what? It's been good crazy. And I am in the midst of being more myself, and finding me and really living life.

I used the internet as a crutch last year, and am successfully seeing it as more of a tool, which means you hear from me less often, and I think that might end up having to be okay for a while.

With Halloween, some awesome hats being made, and another formal coming, there will be some pretty awesome sewing things popping up, and I think after this week I will have a post a week. Maybe it'll be Wednesdays. These are my thoughts for the moment. Feel free to hold me to them.

Now to study. I am catching up from pesky Bronchitis. Lots to do, not lots of sleep...