Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Absentee blogging


I cannot believe life got so crazy- But you know what? It's been good crazy. And I am in the midst of being more myself, and finding me and really living life.

I used the internet as a crutch last year, and am successfully seeing it as more of a tool, which means you hear from me less often, and I think that might end up having to be okay for a while.

With Halloween, some awesome hats being made, and another formal coming, there will be some pretty awesome sewing things popping up, and I think after this week I will have a post a week. Maybe it'll be Wednesdays. These are my thoughts for the moment. Feel free to hold me to them.

Now to study. I am catching up from pesky Bronchitis. Lots to do, not lots of sleep...

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