Thursday, September 3, 2009


It has oficially been a month since I have touched this blog.


I've had lots to think about, and even more importantly, I had some family and friends to catch up with... And before I knew it, I had been home for almost 3 weeks and it was time to pack again... narrowing down the things I really need to take back versus the things I didn't.

The experience of going there and living in another culture, another language, completely out of my element made for a very liberating environment and let me do things and explore more about me. It was a lot to process and I still have a lot to process, which means a change.

You might see more diary-like entries in the future, not rants but sounding boards. I can't promise it'll be all about sewing anymore, but it'll still have things about sewing, because sewing is a part of who I am. I'll try to make sure I post about sewing and crafting once a week- and maybe it'll be on the topic of ceramics or drafting part of that time this semester since I am taking a ceramics class and a drafting class.

I'll leave you with another Istanbul picture... These dogs were all over campus. There was a puppy who was a tiny squirmy thing when we got there and had grown quite a bit by the time we left. Half the fun of this trip were the little things like that- the places we went to dance or have a cup of chai, and the other things like that. The sites were beautiful, but the people- American, Turkish, and otherwise- taught me just as much.

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