Sunday, August 2, 2009

What? It's over?

My time in Istanbul is coming to an end in, oh... 8
hours. It'll be a jam-packed 8 hours considering the packing I have to do, and the journals I have to finish. But I learned SO much while I was here, and I really and truly know in my bones I will return to this place. It will never be the same, but when a professor said Istanbul is a city that grabs hold of your heart and doesn't let go, he wasn't joking. It's an awesome awesome awesome place. I am going to miss the sunsets... The ones at home really won't have much ground to stand on after 6 weeks of views I havn't seen and water on at least one side of me. Not having minnarets in every picture or visual representation of a skyline will be one of the weirdest things when I get home, and the rhythm that hearing a call-to-praryer 5 times(I totally sleep through the first one since our dorm window doesn't face a mosque) will be missed too... Some of us have spent a good bit of yesterday and will spend a good bit of time today thinking "this is the last..." but something tells me we will all have many more experienced in this city. July 2009 is over, but it was one of the best months of my 21 years. I learned more than I ever thought I would, and about things I didn't think I would be thinking about. But it really is unequivocally a life-changing thing to take yourself out of normal, and doing it in such an adventurous, some would argue unsafe, way made for meeting amazing people and doing things I know I never would have done otherwise.
I could wax nostalgic about it, but that's not what you all come here for. Tell me what you want to know about this city.

How I can get YOU to come and see it for yourself!

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  1. Hi Sarah
    Sounds like you have had a wonderful time! We might get there one day!
    All the best for the journey home and settling into normal life again after such a thrilling experience.


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