Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jessica is coming along...

I have a date.

I have the hairstyle CLOSE to figured out after a practice run last night.

I have the shoes.

I have the makeup, false eyelashes, purple mascara and all.

As for the dress....
The bodice is the only thing being lined, and is only lined to add support and a place for ...extra "support". I basted that lining together while a friend was working on "trial hair" and then put it on to check fit, realizing how much I have learned in the course of the past few years. The dress is being based on one I made my Freshman year. I didn't line it at all, and though I have gained enough weight and muscle to add inches just about everywhere, the dress was a bit too big.
It's a teaching moment to be sure: I have definately learned how far I have come. I wouldn't even have thought to try to do a fit of the lining this time 3 years ago... and I do now largely because of the awesome theatre work and close fittings I have done there.

I am pretty proud of myself... now let's just wait for pictures of the awesomeness.

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