Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I am thinking that it’s closing in on time to talk about resolutions… I mean, the fervor of new years has passed, and it’s been a really good one so far, and my sewing mojo seems to be back in full force, and I have things to show as soon as I add buttons and hems and things.

And I have this stack of things that also just need buttons and hems and things.  Maybe a waistband and a lining here and there.  But really, there’s no reason for me not to encounter a closet re-vitalizing… not that I don’t have more than enough clothes.   But… you know, there ARE some old favorites would be good to have back in rotation.  And some dresses that would be great for church, or dancing, or both… It’s so exciting to think I could add all of these things to my wardrobe with little effort…

So why is it so hard to do it?

In the finishing of a top and a skirt, I am rarin’ to go on and sew more… Hopefully that’ll carry over to some more finished projects.  I'm gonna take a leaf out of Jenny's book and try to knock some of these things out.  


  1. I'm rooting for you! I think finishing the first one is the hardest, and then you realize it really doesn't take much time, so you gain momentum. :-) It also helps to just let go of the things you're not excited about anymore.

    1. Jenny, I think you're right... I have craft night with girlfriends once a week and I've been finishing a thing a night for a while... Now the hard part is photos!


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