Saturday, November 20, 2010

Still tired.

Funny how draining being sick can be. And then you forget how terrible it is till you're sick again.

Lots of nothing going on here.
I made a red velvet cake last night, but only because it was for 3 birthdays. Otherwise I would have stayed in bed. It tasted delicious. I'm pretty sure the next baking feat will be red velvet cheesecake for a little dessert thing my mom has visions of doing... but then again maybe not. My mixer died last night, and cheesecake notoriously takes lots of whipping. Anywho, this is the recipe, but I used 3 cups of powdered sugar in the frosting and added a generous 3/4 cup of chopped pecans. It was delightful... absolutely no problems. I did all of the cake mixing by hand and ended up having to borrow a friend's mixer for the frosting. I was glad I did it! And if you're of the school of thought where it's "pictures or it didn't happen"... I guess it didn't happen.

Now onto helping a friend with a sermon, 2 papers, and a Hebrew quiz to study for... If I pull this one off, I'll be all caught up again before Thanksgiving.

Today I'm thankful for drop-ins. Even though my apartment is a mess, I love that I have friends who will check in on me.

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  1. Glad you got the pattern, hope you feel well enough soon to make it up. It's a quick sew. I wore my green one yesterday and it was very comfortable. I suggest you make the wrists small enough that the sleeves won't slide over your hands - I need to make mine tighter. This week I'm working on kitchen stuff - table cloth and napkins for Thanksgiving.


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