Saturday, November 27, 2010

...well so much for that...

It didn't happen. No cutting out, no sewing, not even any blogging! But you know what? My family deserved that... bigtime. I have been so happy to take the time with them and to really enjoy them... But it WILL be back to business as soon as I catch up on some homework... Or, you know, even though I haven't.
Hope all is well in your part of the world! Here are highlights and thankfuls:

Wednesday: I was glad to introduce W to my Godfather and enjoy a meal with him and my mama... almost the calm before the storm.
Thursday: an AWESOME day with family, many of whom we almost never get to see who came from all over the Southeast. We hung out, ate good food, and saw Tangled with the whole family... All of the grandkids who were present and over the age of 2. It was in 3D! Holy cow! It was awesome. Soooo cute. I highly recommend it if you enjoy them. And I'm more thankful than ever for family who care about each other and readily include everyone.
Friday: We all went to the Georgia Aquarium. A-MAZING! Like whoa. So so cool. I was thankful for tie-dyes... we were all wearing them, and it really helped us spot one another.

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