Sunday, November 7, 2010

Necklace Numbers 5 and 6: A Sunday treat

I bet you guys are waiting for the end of these necklace posts... So I figured since it's Sunday and I'm ready for the end of the necklace posts too, I'd do a twofer.
I decided to start with primary colors on this necklace, and the green somehow worked its way in as well... But I think I like it! These are lots of fun to look at after the fact, although it's made me realize how similar they all are in composition... the big difference is in the beads, I think... I can't decide if that's a bad thing or a good thing.
And I'm not really meticulous enough in nature to make the effort to say where every single bead comes from... Especially since they accumulate as much, if not more, than fabric does. My aunt's beads and mine have also co-mingled so much over the years, so it adds another layer of complexity to the whose-are-whose game.
And, as promised, another one.

This one was interesting to try to get a picture of, and it's really all the beads' fault. It doesn't do justice to the purple; really no justice at all.
You see, this is a necklace intended for a friend who is, in a word, crazy. But only when it comes to the amount of purple in her life. The cube-shaped beads in this necklace happen to be magnetic... hematite is good about that. But they were too pretty with the pearls to pass up the chance to use them together. And once the purple is thrown in, it's a shoo-in to hopefully being worn lots. I honestly couldn't guess how the recipient will feel about it.

Today I got the BEST nap, so I'm being in the moment and thankful for a really good nap after a really awesome board meeting at the church I'm attending now. It was a really busy meeting, but the stories and all that were shared and the opportunity to break bread together was a really great one.

Now, more Hebrew. And perhaps some daydreaming... It is SWAP season again.

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  1. Cute. :-) I've enjoyed your necklace posts. It's not a hobby I do (I have way too many hobbies already), but it looks like fun!


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