Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a queue of sorts...

It's been a while. This list was posted in 2008, and I'm gonna just talk about sewing today, because my idea generators want to hear about sewing. And, while we're on the subject, you can still comment and become an idea generator. We're in this month of stuff together, after all!

-take in 2 dresses
-hem a dress
-fix a slit on a skirt

-chocolate knit dress with a swishy skirt
-herringbone suiting pencil skirt, half-sleeve jacket suit- possible chocolate contrasts
-chocolate cord mini-skirt
-green silk-linen shell with detail
-brown pinstripe dress
-border print shirtdress
-red shell
-purple shell/capsleeve top
-pintucked upcycled top
-a turtleneck or 2

This list is shorter than the other one, but no less ambitious... Just more useful. Thoughts? Admonitions? Warnings? Would you like to hear the catch?


Today I'm thankful for books. I'm reading a really good one right now.

Be well, friends!

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