Sunday, November 21, 2010

The week ahead...

Today- Hebrew studying, a paper to finish, and a paper to start
Tomorrow- Hopefully time to stop being a sick kid!
Some more Hebrew, my very first staff meeting, Hebrew quiz(zes), and last lunch with everyone here before the holidays start...
Followed by a house-sitting walk-thru and last swing class! These have been SO much fun... If you are in the Atlanta area, check out Down South Swing. They have a lot of really fun things to offer. And they also have some really awesome weekly things they do for the whole community, which just makes it that much better. It's been a good time connecting with my buddy I conned into doing it with me too- I hope he's enjoyed it as much as I have.
And then Tuesday I've got classes with finishing up a paper in between and then I'm DONE! W will be in town that night, my mama the following afternoon, and it'll be the bees knees.
How are YOU celebrating?

Today I'm thankful for the conversations we had tonight- even if I really should have been studying Hebrew instead of enjoying a long, somewhat leisurely dinner. We sat around and sat around, and it was amazing to be in the midst of awesome Brazilian hospitality of a couple of fellow students.

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