Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pause for just Thankful...

Today is Veteran's Day. I, as a daughter of 2 military parents, am really proud to celebrate that for all that it means. As far back as we can find records, we know that there is military service in our family. And I'm REALLY proud to even consider continuing that tradition.
I hope, that sometime today, you are able to say thank you to a soldier or their spouse. Sometimes people don't understand that the spouse, male or female, of a deployed soldier has one of the hardest jobs in the service. It's hard to enter into a marriage with the thoughts of possible deployments ahead, and what that means for a family.
But today, I'm thankful for all who decided it was worth it. After all, my family line wouldn't look the way it does without it!

Crafty post may come later today, but it may just be cooking... Breakfast for dinner tonight.

On deck:
Friday: A winner... not too late to enter!
Saturday: A how-to on necklaces... I listened
Sunday: Some wardrobe thoughts relative to Tuesday's queue post- maybe even virtual swatches

What else? You tell me.

And guys? Hug a soldier today.

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  1. ok, sorry to take so long gettting back from you - I was in meetings all week until late and i can't leave blog comments from my work computer.
    My email is ecbryant2002 at
    It's ready to come your way.


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