Monday, November 8, 2010

Last one!

Are you excited? I'm excited. It's the last necklace. Except I made another one... But I'll show you both of those today. I'm ready to talk about something non-necklace related. Maybe some sewing? Maybe some apartment fun times? Maybe some Seminary? It's bad when a week into NaBloPoMo I really could use some focus. I'm a bit of a flibbergibbet today. It's probably gonna get worse. So you should tell me what you want to hear about in coming days.

Right. Necklaces. 2 of them. I started with single beads on these 2, made the outside this past week and the inside one in the necklace frenzy. Both are, you guessed it, going to end up as gifts, but I was glad to kind of branch out a bit in the process of finding what to do for the big beads that I have.
It's a nice kind of branching out, and one of the ones from today will make a very pretty little something for one of you guys. That's right, a real live giveaway. I figure if you all sat through the string of necklaces, you deserve a shot at one. Here's the deal though, you have to help me with this fibbregibbet thing. Tell me what you'd like to read about. I'll be here all month and then some, I can get to multiple topics... and it'll be what your entry is made of. I'll draw on Thursday and mail by Saturday... once the friends and I make a craft store run to pick up some clasps.
Since it's a small little something, I'll even ship it anywhere, it'll just take a while for it to get there. After all, I AM a Seminary student.

Today I'm thankful for hands. I never realized how important my hands are in everyday life, and it's really changing to think about how big of a difference these hands make. With hugs, and pats on the back and little written notes, I have the opportunity to encourage. With these hands I can create beauty in mundane things. I can do SO much- I can clothe myself, nourish other people and plants, I can hold those who are dear to me, and share. I am blessed to have these hands.


  1. Well, I want to hear about you sewing. A turtleneck. Send me your snail mail address and the pattern will be on it's way to you.

  2. Actually I've enjoyed the beading. I wouldn't have minded a process post where you showed how you strung and when you knotted and how you attached the closures... and all that there technical stuff.
    I always like hearing about sewing... make BeeBee's turtleneck!
    And I think it would be interesting to hear about seminary. What do you study and how are the classes set up?
    There... that's at least three post ideas!

  3. -Your course list for this fall and anticipated courses for spring
    -How to make a wrap dress
    -what has been most soul-filling for you this fall, and what has been most soul-killing. (basically, the Ignatius examen)


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