Monday, November 15, 2010

Have you guessed yet?

Well, I'm toying with it again this year...
That's right. SWAP.

I'm noticing that life is strangely different, and I think part of that is a lack of creative outlet in the way I'm used to expressing it. And part of THAT, a big part of that, is the theatrical costuming isn't happening. And so I'm not sewing.
Y'all, I haven't NOT sewn for more than a month since... high school. And even then, I never went as long as I have recently. I miss the creative outlet. And SWAP would be a structured way to re-engage. The theme this year would also continue to stretch me as my sewing in the theatre did, learning new things and better ways to do things. I'll just be doing it for my life. Not a costume.

Gosh, it feels good to own it.
I'm thankful, really thankful, for the people that have recognized that I miss it as much as I do when I couldn't. Some talks recently have made me see that.

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