Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guess what came?

Well dear readers, this week has been crazy. A couple of days ago I went to check my mail and was greeted to a mailbox overflowing with goodies... including this!
BeeBee sent me the Burda turtleneck that everyone is raving about. I opened the envelope, and it was exciting to see what had everyone raving. I went to my fabric trunk to see what I'd make it in. And then it hit me.

The few knits I have are at my mom's house. 3 hours away.

And you know what else hit me today? Whatever Seminary funk is going around. Or allergies.

But... I did some cutting and a refashion before it got me. My "rough draft" of the pencil skirt for my suit set- McCall 5817- is cut out. I expect alterations, I just don't know where and how much. I'll have to experiment with a lining if this is to be a wearable muslin as well- the pinstripe is on the thin side. And hey, a girl can never have too many pencil skirts. The refashio was of a skirt I've had since middle school. Before my growth spurt, it was low-waisted and went to the floor. It now fits at my waist, as the tailoring intended it to, and I cut it off to just above knee length and brought the flare in about an inch on either side. And voila! Something I will wear!

Tonight I am thankful for understanding professors and TAs. They understand that health is first. And that work is better when we're healthy. Everyone seems to be hitting the rocks with health at the season change, and the profs have been really great about it!

Bedtime, folks. Tomorrow I'm going to start answering questions/comments. A Seminary one first, I think. But I'd like to have more questions to answer, all the better to not have to think so much. Keep bringing em!

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