Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Necklace Number 1: China Blue

Well, this is the first one... I decided I really wanted to use these beads, so I did... And I'm excited about a blue-and-white necklace. This has been one of my favorite things to do for a while, and pearls are a great, classic white compliment.
This necklace is the last one, but I got the best shots of it because I REALLY love love love how the light played, and how you can see fall in the background. You have to ignore my strange glowing hands though. They're not part of this picture.
Another thing... Expect some interruptions for the necklaces in the coming days. I'll hopefully be in good shape to paint on Friday, and could, if you're interested, show you the resulting duo of paintings, and the subsequent "mood" they leave my seating area in my living room in.

It's "Seminary Weekend" this weekend, and my apartment will be open for tours- so if y'all are interested, there could even be a virtual tour of my apartment!

Today's Thankful for 30:
Friends who cook. I have a dinner club with two of my best friends here at Seminary, and I can't wait to see what kind of deliciousness the guy in our little trio comes up with for supper tonight. He's learning to cook, and it's cool to be his test subjects, especially since he likes his healthful cooking so much. Tuesdays I normally have class at night so it's a great thing to not have to worry about dinner.
The whole group is really quite awesome... I feel like it's my family away from family, and sharing a table with them 3 nights a week reinforces it.

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