Saturday, November 15, 2008

portable crafts

Things that I can carry around and work on while sitting and carrying on a conversation or really doing nothing at all are really nice... I am pretty taken with knitting right now. It's fun in the car, I can do it while hanging out with friends, and because it's me they don't find it strange.

A friend was taking photos for a photography class and needed models... He was capturing personalitites, and had me, though I was ready to put my knitting down, keep going because I am just... me.
At rehearsals for many shows, I'll start making purses, some covered in appliqes, and call them rehearsal purses... It's something to occupy my hands whle I watch a show or sit in a car or do something else that is mundane and allows me to fit these little moments of craftiness into everydau life, a way to get away and connect with a creative side I do my best to nurture and develop.
Right now I am helping to facilitate at a conference for high school students in our denomination who are considering vocational ministry as a career, and while they are talking to people who have done it, I am going to knit. There may be papers to write, but knitting is it for me today... until later anyway. Right now I'm too sleepy.

Oh, and the Chanticleers.... AMAZING. Go see them if you ever get the chance. Birthday dinner went well, but I am going to write about it WITH recipes.

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  1. I've just discovered the greatness of knitting as a portable craft. I'm a novice knitter, but I'm trying to improve.

    I'm enjoying your blog a lot!
    And we have very similar hair!


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