Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mini Thanksgiving

On the Menu: what went wrong
  • Turkey Breast didn't count thaw time, so it took way way way longer
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy nada
  • stuffing guesstimated, again, took not enough time, possibly too much liquid
  • green bean casserole how do you manage to screw that up?
  • cranberry sauce I forgotted it
  • bread/rolls umm... yeah, fogot this too... It'll be toast and croutons before too long.
  • cheesecake squares never made it to squares, still in my fridge
Yeah, so a turkey breast takes a long time to cook... sitting and waiting and smelling it is not the funnest way to pass the time either... Now it is in the process of becoming turkey and dumplings. I don't know why I had no brain for this today... Probably my current state of running on fumes. I promise, I can cook. Tomorrow's post will be about the dinnerthat was right that I made almost a week ago.


  1. Hi Sarah:

    Gosh, I remember when here at home we'd spend all day in the kitchen with that turkey. We now buy pre-cooked ham instead. Although like the turkey, we end up eating ham for a week, lol. So you have to get creative with the menu after the first day. Ahhhh the holidays. :):):):)


  2. I remember our first Thanksgiving as a married couple (and my first attempt to cook the dinner)... In my family, my Mom did the every day cooking and my Dad did the special cooking. In his family, his Mom did all of the cooking. I was fully prepared to cook our first Thanksgiving dinner, but somehow it was deep in the back of my subconscious that he could bail me out if I got into trouble...

    Well, I got into trouble almost right away. I had gotten two small Cornish game hens instead of a turkey b/c there were only 2 of us, but after they thawed, I couldn't find an opening to stuff! I got flustered and asked him for help. He was totally surprised by being asked for help on a cooking matter and got flustered himself.

    That was probably the first "fight" of our newlywed lives - not a fight really, but I was saying in a loud, upset voice, "What should I do?" and he was saying in a loud, upset voice, "Why are you asking me?" and, in hindsight, it was a pretty funny moment... ;)

    Anyways, I chopped the hens in half with a butcher's knife, stuffed them (they hold like 2 teaspoons of stuffing each) and then attached them back together with toothpicks and the dinner came out fine. :)

    It gets easier over the years! Although, for I don't know how many years I would read the instructions that my father dictated to me over the phone, "...stuff firmly..." - and go stuff my turkey firmly - and then return to the directions, "...after rubbing the inside of the cavity with salt." Ooops! ;)


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