Friday, November 28, 2008

Adventure time...

... into the world of Black Friday shopping.

Yesterday, after a full thanksgiving dinner for two, Grandma and I decided to have a little Black Friday trip to Ace Hardware for Amaryllis bulbs and a new scrapbooking store, if they were open. We will be looking for some fun double-sided 8.5-by-11 inch paper for the cutest little card I have ever seen that is made with just folds. Grandma stamps and makes cards, but doesn't really scrapbook... She's more than happy to indulge me though... She actually bought me my first scrapbook and all the stuff to go with it!

The drive up was L-O-N-G! Apparently I am prone to being stuck in traffic, and not supposed to have to drive thru Detroit! I will have a much easier trip back knowing that one. I made it, safe and sound, after 12 hours... one of which was me getting lost once off of the interstate! Grandma says finding it in daylight will make the trip home easier.

I'm off to enjoy our venture!

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