Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The List...

When this is posted, I will be somewhere between Kentucky and Michigan, but I did want to make sure there was something for every day of November... I have made it this far, not giving up now! I'll more than likely check comments, but will be spending much less time than usual online until I get back to school. But remember me today... first big drive ever!

Okay, got the challenge from C at Fuzzy Sheep Crafts. She is challenging everyone who reads to make THE list... you know, the ultimate crafty to-do that we should all keep running but don't want to because it seems like such a daunting task.
We are supposed to cross off as applicable, with the idea being to have a good chunk done by Christmas... I am giving myself to January 4, when school starts again to do it all, simply because I know me, and with finals little to no progress will have been made.

edit: The goal, for me at least, will be to make a big dent, not to finish everything on the list... wow, I wouldn't sleep if that were the case... And because I can't figure out how to strikethrough, "done" things will be in blue.


-hem 4+ pairs of pants(more?)
-do something w/ buttonholes on peacoat
-take in waists on 4+ pr pants, sew back pockets shut and cut out on some
-take in black cocktail dress

-red dress for formal in Jan.
-SWAP pieces (need to decide if I really have the time/resources to follow along...)
sweater-knit dress
-chocolate dress
-Hello Sailor pants
-chocolate cord skirt
-tan linen skirt... need to find fun way to dress it up, it's a plain jane thing right now... maybe some kickpleats in a contrast w/ matching contrast waistband?
-red pants
-tops for Swap? I have sketches and I'd draft patterns or find them... no clue yet.
-silvery-gold Dupioni dress for formal in April
-blue herringbone purse
-curtain fix
-draft pullover pattern
-messenger bag
-2 laundry bags for grads to fill with:
-fleece blankets
-a book about college
-notepad, envelopes, stamps
-smaller bags: tote for the girl, messenger for the boy

Pad and adjust dressform from Salvation Army... In really good shape just a bit small! Will be SO nice for hems and things...

-Order pictures for evets this year
-organize paper stash-- figure that one out...
-update table of contents
-2-pg spread of childhood... need to see if pics to fill gaps exist! (started)
-Finish camp 05
-Finish Decathlon
-Finish Epworth 06
-Finish grad/prom 06
-camp 06
-last summer, look back
-Freshman year:
-Sorority fun times
-Friends and craziness, Rocky Horror
-Nessie's wedding
-Sophomore Year
-Internship staff and fun times
-sorority fun times... family tree w/littles!
-Tgiving/Christmas w/ family
-fun times
-Summer... first sermon!
-Junior Year
-Sorority fun times
-Visit w.Grandma

Learn to purl

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