Sunday, November 16, 2008

Initiates! And mental progress...

Our sorority had initiation today for our most recent pledge class! I am SO excited for them... And the portability of my scarf-in progress means it went with me to a conference last night, and it is now well over 4 times the length of my hand from finger to wrist.... when I left it was only 3! The students all had fun, and we had an amazing discussion about call and ministry last night. They came from all over the USA, many from further south, and got to see snow on cars and in the air this morning... It didn't stick and had melted by the time we got out of church, but it was there! The ones from Georgia, Alabama and Florida were like 5-year olds, as excited as can be.

Kay, well I am off to unwrinkle my dress and think some about boning and lining it, thus putting in a petticoat, vs. not boning and facing, thus letting the dress drape to my shape... And if I should move the zipper... I read a blog called Pins and Needles that is making me think more about the polished look that lining and boning and including a petticoat would give... and showing techniques that make me wanna try!


  1. WOW! boning and lining and petticoats!! Sure sounds ambitious! I'm always jealous of anyone who can make clothes like that. I can make children's clothes, but for adults...forget it!!
    please post pictures when it's finished. Sounds like it's going to be wonderful....

  2. You can't go wrong following Summerset on construction.
    And yes, I'd line a taffeta dress.


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