Saturday, November 29, 2008

Has it really been a month?


A month ago I decided to start this blog... and I think, because it was right before NaBloPoMo, I've succeeded in becoming something of a blogger. But I've only been at this for a month... I want to know what y'all think!

So, in the spirit of the Liberal Arts education I am recieving, and the peer critiques I write on papers, I want some suggestions...

Please comment on this post with one good thing and one bad thing... but the catch is, as my professors require me to offer a way to fix what's wrong, I'd like ideas from you to fix what's wrong.


  1. Well now... first one must assume that something is wrong...

    Okay. Hmmm. I guess I would suggest more photos... at least one per post.
    For no real reason except that I think a visual image makes the post more interesting. And for you, the writer/creator, it opens up possibilites for finding cool arty shots.
    Say you have a scarf and it seems like you're knitting and knitting but the view never changes (hypothetically speaking of course)... so post about it. And take a photo of it from an odd angle, then next time alter the color balance of it. Or drape it in a tree one time and on a door knob the next.
    Okay, that's my suggestion for improvement (I won't call it something that's wrong).

    A good thing... Your writing is well done and easy to read. In these days of instant spell check spelling isn't such a big deal... but basic sentence structure and organized thought process is sometimes hard to find.
    A blog isn't a term paper, but it should be readable. Only my opinion of course... and one I break from when I feel like it too!

  2. I enjoy your blog and when I try to analyze why, the closest I can come to explaining is that your voice comes through. It's not just a recitation of the details of a sewing or crafting project that could have been written by anyone. It is YOU - a very specific person that I feel like I am slowly coming to know. :)

    I also have enjoyed the reliability and routine of your one post a day. There's something nice about stopping by each day and knowing there will be something new, even if it is short and sweet.

    As for a way to improve it, I'll cast my vote with Kathleen and say more photos (or, at least, images). When I was deciding whether or not to get seriously into blogging, I thought a lot about the blogs that I enjoyed and their characteristics. Probably the first thing that jumped out at me was good photographs / illustrations. I vowed to have at least one image with every post.

    (Another was frequent posts - and so I came up with my schedule to post once for the weekend and then every Wed, Thurs & Fri).

    So, more importantly than what we think, what do you think? Do you enjoy it? Does it pay you back in some way for the effort you put into it?


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