Friday, February 27, 2009

goal post

...Not the football kind.

It's oficially Friday, so I can write a goal post. Well, a goal and obligations post.

This weekend, I am want to...
-alter the pattern for the birthday PJ pants to include facings and a fly and the elasticy thingy. I'll take pictures
-make a wearable muslin of the Afternoon Tea Top that I will be turning into a dress in the near future, by which I mean pre-Easter. The pink dotted Swiss is destined for an Easter dress, then for Turkey!
-Finish sketching for the Istanbul wardrobe
-look at the pattern for the next evening gown/special project more closely... I'm using the pattern, but not completely. I'll intro that soonish.

This weekend, i HAVE to...
-Solidly outline a 5-page paper due Wednesday, and do the research for said paper
-Strike a show
-Go to a lock-in for the college group at church
-sign up for a seminary visit
-memorize some wicked Greek

So it's all about multitasking and a semblance of balance right now. Go me!

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