Saturday, February 7, 2009

It keeps growing...

Well, the pile of cards hasn't really grown all that much, but holy cow! I never realized I have so much fabric!!! I am beginning to pull things out, to catalog and reorganize, and I am ASTOUNDED be the sheer number of pieces... To the point where I really don't wanna count. But since there's a moratorium on buying and I want to get to a notions sale next week, I want to do as much as possible... Because I will be able to buy thread and cups and boning dirt cheap. I think if I make it through the stuff on the bed and have ALL of that put away, I will let myself get notions. But I have no business buying fabric if I don't have places to put it... maybe.

No pictures of fun stuff... I am too embarrassed to show you my room in its current state. But this one of my trip home last month is kinda cool... I am pretty sure I was driving through a cloud.Hope y'all have a great weekend! I am off to drink coffee and do hw... sigh

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