Friday, February 13, 2009

SO many things I want to make for Turkey! I was filling out the application last night(way to count chickens before they're hatched) and it's SUCH a simple process, I couldn't help but have my hopes renewed again. But I have to remember to buy envelopes. And passport pictures. And I have a mom to reassure (along with other family).

And then there is the sewing list... Yesterday's color scheme includes colors I wear A LOT on a regular basis, and I realized I am kinda just picking 3 neutrals and 5 colors I wear already... What am I going to do with them?

And then I made a baby sketchbook that will doubtless be put to use in the very near future. Like when my head is in the clouds if class is the reading regurgitated, which today I have a feeling it might be.

SO yell at me if there aren't sketches, swatches, and a refashion up by Sunday, because sometimes that's just motivating...

Happy Friday!

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