Thursday, February 12, 2009

a refashion and a wardrobe

I am turning a sweater that was too trendy in all of the wrong ways into a sweater that is almost trendy in all of the right ways... And giving serious thought to a summer wardrobe in 2 color schemes. I just bought fabric... A rayon-blend jersey in chocolate for a dress,a dotted Swiss in pink for a top (or combined with something for a skirt), and some sand-washed twill in a cafe au lait color for walking shorts and a skirt. I'm gonna supplement that with 2 more knits I have made up in dresses. I'm doing 2 capsules that will cross each other, replacing my SG SWAP but along the same premise:

The middle browns and ivory will blend with each other, and there will be pieces that are primarily blue and pink, and pieces that are primarily plum, teal, and red. Off to class for now, but I will edit later to talk about pieces in each scheme.

These will include refashions, RTW I already own, and sewn-from-scratch pieces... YAY! A way to simplify packing and leave me with a smaller bag... or more room for textiles.

Edited to say the list of things to make has to be narrowed and will be along later.

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