Saturday, February 14, 2009

A dress! A drawing! Oh my!

Here are some ideas I am thinking about, and you'll have to forgive my blurry line drawings...
Right now I am devoting a page to every color, and have staggered graph paper with printer paper in a homemade notebook... I'm carrying it around and throwing around ideas in my head...
Like I know I want to make at least 4 dresses.... An Ivory, a pink, a dusty teal, and a chocolate. You only get to see ivory and pink today though... Yes, I know, so teasing of me. But so far that's all I have really sketched. More colors to come... I spent much of today at work because costume parade is Monday afternoon...

I have a slinky stretch knit, most likely some synthetic, but it is ivory and just calling out to become a dress... I am still toying with a neckline I will be able to wear modestly and will still be something I will want to wear when I get home. I really like this style.

My thought process at the moment is that i can always put a tank top under it... And I am finding that Istanbul is not as conservative as I thought it was. So that is kinda nice.

The pink dress was born of a fabric choice I am officially wishing I had bought more of.... Dotted swiss from and I found a line drawing for a top hours after checking out. The top will become a cute princess seam dress, ruffled at neckline and hem in ivory broadcloth, and lined too. Exciting, no?

I'M excited. More line drawings to come. Tonight, to celebrate Single People's Awareness Day(ha ha) I am going to watch a chick flick and work on some necklaces. I have decided I need more variety.

Mom called me this morning to tell me happy heart day... I called V-Day heart day until I was at least 8. So I hope your heart day is happy!

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