Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1980s to now-

I am gonna do one!
Mom pulled this silk dress out of her closet...

And I couldn't help but take it to upcycle. How could I resist? I posted a picture of just the skirt, because it's gonna come off that black ribbed awfulness and be just a skirt. With a waistband.

It might be long enough to make a dress, but I don't know... What would I put with it?

It'll be neat to start making things I know will transition well out of college and into life. I know dresses like Sunset are lots of fun, but I don't know that I will make as many of them when I graduate, unless something falls out of the sky, hits me, and tells me to make it a career.... Right now that's not what I see myself doing, because I don't think it's what God sees me doing.

I don't mention God much because I feel sure that not everyone who stumbles across this site wants to hear my opinions on God. Don't get me wrong, I am a Christian and pretty involved in my church. I also happen to be very liberal, but no matter I am politically, I feel that God has a pretty big say in how I live... I know my purpose is to shine God's light. Right now I am on a journey to figure out how. I feel a very strong calling toward vocational ministry, because helping people through the questions I have faced and still face on a regular basis is something I feel pulled toward. Letting God work through me in such a way as to help others would be an honor, and be very fufilling.
It's something I feel that MANY aspects of my life have prepared me for, and the logic behind God's master plan is something I believe in, and know that the events of the past week or so have been a test. I know God wouldn't get me to it if I can't handle it, and I think I wrote this as much for my sake and remembering that as for anything else. Sorry.

But that's not what you bargained for when you saw the title... But I guess it applies to that dress and me. Both have been on a journey, our paths have just crossed.


  1. I want to see what you do with it. After the formal, I think you have it in you to just cut and sew and turn it into whatever. And I must say, this sounds sappy but is true. I'm twice your age, a bit jaded perhaps, and your enthusiasm is reminding me of the days I lived in dorm, could pack up my stuff in one carload (or less) and sort of do things on the fly. I miss those days in many ways. Thanks for bringing them back, if that makes any sense. And run with that skirt. Run with it! Look at what you have to work with! K

  2. Hey buddy :)

    Don't apologize for speaking your mind, it's your blog. :):):):)

    I can relate to the desire to help. I've done volunteer work on and off since I was 13, and it's very fulfilling. Now, I want to help kids, babies in particular. I've discovered C.A.S.A and feel a very strong connection. I feel like that's one of the best ways that I'll make a true difference. I also love volunteering in the humane society, puppies are so cute!!!

    Anywho, I've rambled on, lol.

    I think that when you feel a strong connection to something, that you are meant to be involved in that. And if you feel drawn towards vocational ministry, then it's a direction you should try.

    I think you'll make a really cute skirt out of that garment. :):):)



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