Monday, February 16, 2009

Small Spaces....Bathroom

I am fortunate to have my own bathroom, which, in some dorms, could be considered a rarity. I always pack my bathroom things up last and unpack them first... Don't ask me why, that's just how it seems to happen. I like putting one little room in order when I get there. And this is my countertop, in order right now:

Well, not exactly countertop. See, while one DOES exist, it's not big enough to store much, and there's really no good way to store jewelry in an enclosed manner when one has my budget and amount of jewelry.

So, 2 packs of cork squares and a box of pushpins later, I had this system for necklaces and bracelets. It works like a charm! I love it, because it keeps my jewelry in the open.

And yes, those are martini, wine, and champagne glasses... the best kind to keep earrings around. The boxes are cigar boxes, which contain more jewelry, makeup, and memories. They worked so well color-wise I couldn't resist for the price (between thrift stores for glasses, free cigar boxes, and glasses I already had I spent maybe $12.00, including candles and cork.)

But what you really wanna see is what I did with my Saturday. Here is my craftiness for the weekend.I repaired the necklace at left which a sorority sister made for me 2 years ago. I used glass beads in combination with cloisonne beads to make the second necklace, and strung it on gold tigertail, closing with a gold clasp. Number three is cut crystal in a smoky gray, complienting blue-gray cultured pearls and purple glass beads. The clasp is an S-hook I bought to use for my Junior Prom jewelry... I wore a rope of knotted "pearls" instead. And the last necklace features more smoky crystal with hematite and red glass beads... The clasp is a loop made of seed beads and one of the crystals!

I was getting tired of jewelry, and I have made it almost to the 2-month mark without buying any new items... I'm gonna make it! All of the beads came from stash... Necessary to offset the cost of the fabric that should be here later this week! Pictures when it gets here.

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