Sunday, February 8, 2009

I feel like a grown-up.

I filed my taxes last night.
I made my first quasi-budget.
I contemplated making a menu for the week this morning.
I haven't missed church since the semester started, and haven't been dragged out of bed to get there.... I go twice a Sunday, and am a youth sponsor... People give me charge of their teenagers.

I am contemplating apartment-hunting and leaving dorm life.

I know I've always been a little ahead, what with my needlecraft, scrapbooking, cooking, and generally mom-like tendencies, but I feel like this is probably where those of you who are older are nodding, saying 'I was there too'.

How old were you when you got your first place of your own? What is the coolest thing you remember about it? What's the worst thing?

On a crafty note, I watched Catch Me If You Can last night while swatching more fabric... I am up to 20 cards! My yardage count is at 47 &2/3 yds... So not much of an increase there, meaning I have lots of smaller pieces in this batch. But you know, that's okay. I am learning to buy more. But not till I know what I have.


  1. I left home for college, straight from high school, and never went back. First the dorm, next an apt, then back to the dorm. Why? The dorm had food (basically my 4 basic food group of cereal, bagel, danish, and coffee/latte) and friends all in the same or nearby dorm. And I could literally finish-n-print a paper five minutes before class started and still had time to run to class in my slippers (some of you call 'em flip flops).

    The dorm was spendy but I didn't own a car and didn't care to bus or bike to/from campus. I did go out to dinner with friends a lot though.

  2. I was 18 and in High School when I got pregnant, and moved out while I was still in High School. Worked full time at Wendy's Restaurant, and made honor roll. paid all my bills on time etc. when i graduated, I started college in august, and I had my daughter in October on a Wednesday, I was back at class the following Wednesday, it's was pretty stressful, not sure about dorm life, never had a chance to do it. but honestly not sure if i would have liked it!!

  3. I was a Senior in college when I moved out of the dorm into an apartment with 2 other girls. Best part: SPACE!!!! and a kitchen. Worst part: the place was condemned the summer after we moved out. LOL. It was an older house that had been cut up into apartments.
    Coolest part: the HUGE clawfoot bathtub you could do laps in.
    Most frustrating: our livingroom was really the hallway, you could sit on the sofa and prop your feet on the TV.
    I loved that place!


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