Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A blogging question...or 3

How do y'all keep up with things like project lists?
What about yards in/out?

I visit blogs all of the time that have cool little sidebars that do it for you, and it seems really neat.

Speaking of sidebars, bow the heck do I make buttons work on Blogger? For the life of me, I can't put them all in one place or even get some of them to look right...

I wanna play too! Will someone show me how?


  1. well, i have blogger, and i go to layout, page elements, then add a gadget. i either pick one they have, or you can choose picture, and upload a pic, type in the link, and a desciption if you want. one of the options is just to write a note. there are literally thousands of things to add to your side bar that way.

  2. I'm not organized enough to use the sidebars myself, but envy those that can. Good luck getting into it!


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